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Steering Oil (Hydraulic) leak from pipe - Liana

abdulbaig wrote

few drops of steering oil used to drop every night, but all of a sudden the leakage increased to large amounts since 2 days, the bottle level also dropped but quantity on the floor is more. the oil is red in color.

what will be the damage, the pipe going down from the bottle is also covered in oil, expected kharcha on it? and time needed to replace?
Or does anything else also need repair?

bro you need to get the pipe replaced as there is a very high pressure hydraulic oil going through these pipes. Generally pipe starts leaking from the end-fittings due to vibrations and aging. What needs to be done is:-
1. If leak is not too much, then take the car to a mechanic after refilling steering oil.  If leak is too much and oil is not holding in container, then be very careful while using steering during drive. Though driving without steering oil is not advisable but in such an emergency situation, one or two drives wouldn't  cause any damage. (Mechanic will charge approx Rs 1000/- for removal and installation of pipe)

2. Ask mechanic to remove the defective pipe and take the defective pipe to a Rubber Shop having Hoses and Pipes and ask for replacement pipe.   Buy a suitable replacement of pipe with same inner and outer diameter. Variation in inner diameter will cause noise during steering operation while the out diameter will determine the pressure holding strength of the pipe. (estimated cost Rs 800/-)

3.  Remember that end parts of old pipe will be reused for making new pipe. (Labor Rs 300/- approx).

4. Estimated cost for completer repair would between Rs 2000/- to 2500/- and 3-4 hours would be required for repair.

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same issue is with my liana. this is helpful please let me know one more thing that how can we wash the leaked oil which  is covered all over from top to bottom.

Bro, do engine cleaning only after repair, because sometimes there is oil splash during repair process. Best way is to buy an Engine cleaner spray from the market (approx cost Rs 450-500). Spray it on dirty / oily areas, leave it there for sometime, rub it with brush or rag, then wash it clean with water spray bottle.

Second and cheaper way is to get some kerosene oil in spray bottle and follow the same brushing procedure and finally wash it with spraying Kerosene or water. Let it dry before starting the engine.

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i have one more question bro from last 2 days car is getting heat up. and mechanic confirm that there is no leakage.  at the same time from last 2 days i have another problem that there is a fan air in ac vents. even i didn't open the fan regulator inside..? any suggestion.

For reasons of engine heat up i'd suggest to read the following

Car Engine Overheat Issue and Its Possible Causes

Regarding air from vents, please reset the Regulator, sometimes the Regulator is not set to off properly. Our recheck is the selection is set at 'fresh air' from outside.

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