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starting problem with warm engine. m16a

i have a liana eminent 2010.

problem is on cold start car  start on half self, but after using car for 30 min's or more it requires multiple self and after a long drive it requires a little pump while turning key.

it always starts though in 3 or 4 tries never more than that.

temperature needle remains at half and i know it works becasue i have seen it go full.

In warm up condition if the starter becomes heavy, it appears that the starter coil has gone weak.

If the self is good but delayed start, that points towards starvation of fuel, It could be because of clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump motor. Firstly, you may get the tappets re-adjusted and get the throttle body cleaned. Then go for fuel filter, fuel pump will be the last option.

Hope this will help solve the problem

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