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Liana CNG recommendations


Brother ur web site is very informative.

I have recently bought Liana RXi 2009. Condition seems good. its mileage is 200K. mostly driven on petrol. CNG kit will need tuning since not used from quite a time. Is it recommended to use it on CNG now? how much difference will be there compared to petrol regarding fuel avarege.?

Should i stick to suzuki center for any kind of maintenance?

what engine oil will be recommended?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the appreciation.

Regarding CNG, definitely it is 30~40% cheaper than petrol usage. And there is no restriction in using CNG.

Now a days almost every mechanic is proficient to handle Liana, only for electronics issue i'd recommend you to go to Suzuki 3S. Just an advice never ever temper the wiring, it may result in multiple problems. Regarding engine oil, with high car mileage, it is recommended to use 30-50 grade of oil. As far as oil brand is concerned, most of the stock available in market is questionable, best possible deal is to buy it from authentic source.

Hpe you'll have an enjoyable experience with liana.

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Thanks brother.

Few more queries...

1-I m feeling that the gear is hard and not so smooth.

2-Currently , factory fitted CNG is installed, if it comes out to be faulty (as i have not checked to a mechanic yet), then should i replace it with a conventional kit?

3- the car engine is almost soundless in neutral, but while driving , specially in lower gears the sound of engine is quite high. is it normal?

4- the car takes jerks while changing smaller gears, i think it depends of the way i release clutch, what u think?

Kindly suggest.

Bro issues mentioned at point 1, 3 & 4 seems inter-related, i'd recommend the following:-

1. Check quality and level of gear oil.

2. Get the clutch system checked, if required get it adjusted, or you might need to get the clutch / pressure plates replaced.

3. Get the gear box checked from a good mechanic

Regarding CNG, i'm a supporter of FF CNG, as it is the latest technology and very efficient. If FF CNG is properly tuned, the engine performance is just like petrol.

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Thanks brother, u r helping a lot.

How can i check the quality of gear oil? after how much running gear oil should be changed? and which gear oil should i use?