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Kurr...kurrr sound on full turning

I have suzuki liana very right or left turn its suspention makes noise like “kurrrr…kurrrr”…I checked it and found play in its excel..its previous owner let its suspention rectified and replaced its “goddey” bit after one month same noise is back…plz suggest me its remedee ..and estimated cost

Same Problem with my liana. But I did not go to any mechanic yet

Bro this noise is of axles (goddey), the problem is that now a days very low quality Chinese-made axle kits are available in market which even start producing noise from very first turn. If you ask the mech he’ll say i’m just installing and no warranty of axles. There are also axle kits available with 3 or 6 months warrenty, i’d recommend to go for those brands. Such brands generally cost PKR 4k-5k for a set. I’d also recommend that while turning avoid excessive acceleration as the after market axles needs to be used a bit carefully.

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Please suggest some good mechanic in Lahore for this issue with me on left side.

also i need picture of genioun godda i want to search in billal ganj.

i need front bumper to replace. its damaged from left side completely .


Bro I've no idea about Lahore's market, some one from Lahore might be able to help you.

Regarding axel, I'd recommend to install new kits with warranty, really available in market just ask for liana axel kits from a reputed spares store. Kabli ones are generally repaired ones and that too without warranty. I'll send you the axel pic soon. For bumper I'll definitely recommend to go for a kabli one, in that car you might have to get it repainted to match your car's color.

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