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Catalytic Converter (CAT) Failure Symptoms and Precautions

In most of the countries emission control laws are not enforced by the governments. Because of which the residents of such countries are not aware of the importance of Catalytic Converters in their automobiles. However, the awareness level has improved a little, with the recent trend of JDM imported vehicles (Japanese Domestic Motors). In this

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How to Improve MPG of Car (Mileage per Gallon or per Liter)

Car owners always remain concerned about the fuel efficiency of their cars, and why should they not be….. it saves money. In this blog i’d recommend some measures for “How to improve MPG of car (Mileage per gallon or per liter)”. MPG of Car depends on multiple factors, some are manageable at individual level while

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Car Engine Overheat Issue and Its Possible Causes

In summer season particularly, car engine overheat issue surfaces as the biggest concern on most vehicles. Engine overheat issue could be a consequence of multiple reasons. A misconception prevails in the minds of many that engine overheat issue in Suzuki Liana is a design problem, whereas it certainly is not. In order to clarify the

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Suzuki Liana Maintenance Checklist – What to Do? When to Do?

Maintaining automobiles as per the recommendations of the manufacturer is the only key for an extended, useful and trouble free life of a car. Suzuki Liana is an excellent car which has an ability to absorb variation to manufacturer’s maintenance schedule however, if the malpractice of disregarding mandatory checks continues, then the useful life of

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Car Engine Misfire, Jerking & Power Loss (Pick) Problem

Engine misfire, jerking & power loss problems are among the most common issues with automobiles, now a days. These issues are also coupled with low engine performance that cause hesitation during acceleration. Such issues are generally faced by relatively older models or cars with higher mileage. In this article I’ll try to draw attention of

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Car Engine Sensors and their Symptoms of Failure

Engine sensors on almost all modern cars work on the same principle. In this blog ‘Sensors functions’ and ‘Symptoms of failure’ will remain equally applicable to all car-makes, however, locations of sensors is mentioned for Suzuki Liana engine (M13a) in particular. Nonetheless, the sensor locations on other cars are also at similar locations / components

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