Catalytic Converter (CAT) Failure Symptoms and Precautions

Catalytic Converter

In most of the countries emission control laws are not enforced by the governments. Because of which the residents of such countries are not aware of the importance of Catalytic Converters in their automobiles. However, the awareness level has improved a little, with the recent trend of JDM imported vehicles (Japanese Domestic Motors). In this blog i aim to make the reader aware of the “Catalytic Converter (CAT) Failure Symptoms and Precautions” to enhance awareness of the vehicle owners and to improve the useful life of the Catalytic Converters. In this article, I’ll discuss following aspects of Catalytic Converters:-

  1. Purpose of Catalytic Converter
  2. Construction of Catalytic Converter
  3. Causes of Catalytic Converter Failure
  4. Symptoms of Catalytic Converter Failure
  5. Precautions and Care for Catalytic Converter

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