How to Improve MPG of Car (Mileage per Gallon or per Liter)


MPG of Car

Car owners always remain concerned about the fuel efficiency of their cars, and why should they not be….. it saves money. In this blog i’d recommend some measures for “How to improve MPG of car (Mileage per gallon or per liter)”. MPG of Car depends on multiple factors, some are manageable at individual level while the others might require deeper maintenance techniques, and help from specialist technicians. But remember MPG of car has inverse relation to the friction /resistance to free movement of a car. This resistance to movement could either be because of the performance of the engine or due to external factors causing restriction to free movement of the car. These factors are briefly discussed below.

In subsequent paragraphs I’ve categorized MPG impacting factors into two main categories i.e factors manageable at individual level, and factors requiring relatively deeper maintenance action which are manageable at technicians level. But in my opinion car owners must have slight knowledge on both because technician level measures will make you more knowledgeable about your car and you can always discuss the issue with technician with more confidence. I’ll try to keep the things simple and will be explained in simple English so that everyone can understand the discussion. So let’s begin….



1. Individual Level Measures

Drivers / owners may take following measures at individual level to improve MPG / MPL of their cars:-

(a) Driving styles

Car driver plays a vital role in good or bad MPG of a car through their driving styles. Driving style includes but not limited to the following aspects, which if managed carefully will improve the MPG of car:-

(i) Foot Manipulation for Accelerator

Driving with light foot increases the MPG of the car. Driver must be cautious while accelerating and should not press the accelerator too hard to gain desired speed. It, however, sometimes become difficult if the average road speed of other drivers is more than yours. So it has to be a best balance between the light foot and the average road speeds.

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