Car Engine Overheat Issue and Its Possible Causes

Engine Over-temperature Problem

Car Engine Overheat Issue

In summer season particularly, car engine overheat issue surfaces as the biggest concern on most vehicles. Engine overheat issue could be a consequence of multiple reasons. A misconception prevails in the minds of many that engine overheat issue in Suzuki Liana is a design problem, whereas it certainly is not. In order to clarify the ambiguities, i decided to write this blog to cover Engine Overheat Issue and Its Possible Causes. It is pertinent to mention that this blog is not limited to Suzuki Liana/Aerio operators only, rather is equally applicable to all other makes of cars as well.

Ok let’s start the discussion:-


Firstly, lets recap what indications that appear when engine heats up. ECT sensor (Engine Coolant Temperature sensor) senses the engine coolant temperature and indicates on Temperature gauge or Over-Temp indication light. However, there have been many reported instances where the engine got heated up without showing over-temp condition on gauge / light. This happens when the coolant depletes rapidly (generally due to heavy leakage), because of which the coolant does not come in contact with ECT Sensor, resulting in failure to show the actual engine temperature indication. Other than the primary temperature indication, one should also be cautious about any one of the following symptoms which could also be a consequence of engine heat up issue:-

  1. Air Cond air temperature rises to normal air. In actual, the AC compressor automatically trips if engine temperature rises above limits. AC Compressor does not restart unless the overheat condition is removed.
  2. Engine may produce ‘knocking’ sound during acceleration.
  3. Burning Smell from the car or from the open windows.
  4. Smoke from under the hood.

Possible Causes of Engine Overheat Issue

Car engine overheat issue can be caused by either of the following SIX broad categories:-

  1. Coolant Related problems
  2. Electrical Malfunctions
  3. Components Malfunctions
  4. Core Engine issues
  5. Peculiar Situations

Lets discuss each of these categories in detail so that readers move in right direction for troubleshooting of engine overheat issues….

1. Coolant Related Problem

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4 comments on “Car Engine Overheat Issue and Its Possible Causes”

  1. Moosa Hassan

    My car (Alto) started to over heat if driven in temp above 40 degrees, while going constant over the speed of 80Km/h on Motorway (happened many time in that particular trip), although there was no leakage; coolant goes back in the side bottle and also steam is produces in side bottle. A mechanic told me it was issue of head gasket and he turned on fan directly.
    When I came back to lahore another mechanic told me it is because the radiator is clogged, and it solved my problem after getting it cleaned.


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