Car Engine Misfire, Jerking & Power Loss (Pick) Problem

Car Engine Misfire, Jerking

Car Engine Misfire, jerking & Power Loss Problems

Engine misfire, jerking & power loss problems are among the most common issues with automobiles, now a days. These issues are also coupled with low engine performance that cause hesitation during acceleration. Such issues are generally faced by relatively older models or cars with higher mileage. In this article I’ll try to draw attention of readers and automobile owners towards certain most critical aspects of maintenance that would help resolve such issues.

Ok let’s start the discussion:-

Refreshing the Basics

We all know that as the machines get old, effects of wear and tear become pronounced and the performance of machine deteriorates over the passage of time, however, these adverse effects can only be delayed if the machines are maintained as per the defined maintenance schedules. Critical monitoring of following three aspects helps in prolonged trouble free drive of automobiles:-

  • Timely preventive maintenance.
  • Quality of maintenance by qualified / expert mechanics
  • Usage of good quality spares

Possible Causes Of Engine Misfire, Jerking & Power Loss (Pick) Problem

There could be multiple possibilities that can lead to engine misfire, jerking & power loss problems. Broadly we can categories them as:-

Problematic Fuel Supply System
Electrical system issues
Engine component malfunctions
Alternate fuel (CNG/LPG) problems

I’ll briefly cover each category one by one.

HD Driving Recorder/Night Vision

Isolating Problematic Fuel Supply System

In most countries, automobiles also use alternate fuels, such as:-

  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) etc.

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9 comments on “Car Engine Misfire, Jerking & Power Loss (Pick) Problem”

  1. Salman Zafar

    Can anyone tell me best or recommended engine oil for Suzuki Liana.
    I’ve bought used 2012 Liana from 1st owner, and he has been using shell 10w40. Plus I’m getting mileage of about 13.5km per litre using only petrol

  2. Mukaram Talal

    After 20 day of service tuning company ne Kaha h k moisture wala petrol se hoa h .Sai na hone ki sorat me bulaya h wese gari sirf petrol pr h.

  3. Mukaram Talal

    Petrol me moisture ki waja ho to 3 bar petrol fill Kia or bullsons nami additive 6in1 last time petrol me mix Kia h fillhall koi farq nai para h

  4. Mukaram Talal

    Dear meri car me1500 rpm tk misfire feel hota h, above 2000 rpm pick Acha hojata lekin break laga ny ke bad agar gari low rpm pr ajay to misfire jurking situation 2000 rpm ke bad khatam Hoti h.Kia waja ho Sakti h abhi company se service + plug change Kia h


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