Suzuki Liana Features and Specifications (RXI, LXI, Vurv, Eminent)

Suzuki Liana Features comparison

Suzuki Liana Specifications & Features

Specifications and features of Suzuki Liana variants (RXI, Vurv, LXI & Eminent) are tabulated below for comparison. Information would be helpful in decision making for buying in addition to the information blogged in my article Review for Buying. Broad categories are:-







Instrument Panel


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33 comments on “Suzuki Liana Features and Specifications (RXI, LXI, Vurv, Eminent)”

  1. tahir maqbool

    Bro, i want to buy Liana for my family use within city, but confused which one is better Eminent or manual.
    2nd what are the disadvantages to buy a showered (paint shower) car.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum assalaam,selection between eminent and manual is purely your own choice. I can only comment that auto-transmission gives comfort in city driving but at the same time has relatively low mileage per liter (generally 7-10% less than manual). Regarding showered vehicle, in my opinion this is a brain-warm of dealers/mechanics, until the car is only showered without major repair, there is no issue in buying a showered car. But to judge that car body is not repaired with compound-filling, you need to take a clueful person along.

  2. Ahsin Rafiq

    I have a White Liana-2007, 1300CC with Lahore Registration number.
    very splendid in outlook fuel milage, interior, exterior and with OK engine plus additional SPORTS-Car outlook with front speller and backside original strip.
    demand is 6.25 Lacs.
    Contact: 03334984571

    Regards: Ahsin RafiQ

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      RXI/Vurv has black door handles, black side mirrors and non-alloy rims, whereas LXI has matching door handles and side mirrors with 8-spoke alloy rims. Eminent is similar to LXI with auto transmission.

  3. UsmanYasin

    Brother I want to buy a Liana for my home use. I m getting 2006 RXi for 4.5 lakh, LXi for 5 lakh. I wish to swap the 1.3 Manual engine with an auto 1.3/1.6/1.8.
    What do u advise me?

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum Assalaam, Bro there is no issue in swapping engine till the time no alteration is involved, and the engine conforms to any variant of Suzuki Liana / Aerio around the world. Engine from any other make like toyota, honda or any other is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED. If your prime requirement is AUTO-TRANSMISSION, in that case only ‘Gearbox’ can also be swapped separately without changing the engine. Rest its all your choice. Best of luck.

  4. Tariq

    where i can buy ecu card for my liana 2006 at karachi,because due to local electricians alteration mine liana ecu is burned.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      not sure about karachi market, but get it from kabar market. Few years back there was a kabaria in Shershah market by the name of “saleem machchi” who used to tradr Liana old parts. You may visit Shershah and have a market search there would find one.

  5. Muhammad Arsal

    Liana eminent me koi 1.3 engine b aata hai ? Ku k mere paas aik gaarii sale hone k liye ii hai, us k papers me engine size 1324 likha hua. Please guide ker do

  6. Faisal shahzad

    Aslam o alakum bhai liana 2006-7 model achi condition main kitna ki mil jaye to best hai is k alawa koi in garion main fault bhi hai

  7. Salah-ud-din

    If a person has 7.5 lacs to buy a car, what do you suggest should he go for Liana Eminent (as I want automatic car) or other old models of City/ Civic or 660 CC Japanese imported cars? Secondly are all the Eminent versions of Liana are Japan imported or only 2005 model. I heard after 2005 the Eminent models were manufactured in Pakistan and what about parts availability/ mechanics of these Eminent versions?
    I really appreciate your work and knowledge.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Well bro your options are quite diversified i.e from sedans to 660cc cars. It primarily depends on your usage, if you have more of intercity traveling then I’d recommend sedans, otherwise for intra-city drive 660cc jdms are recommended.
      Japanese Liana was only imported in 2005 and are limited in number in Pakistan, thereafter Suzuki Pakistan started manufacturing Liana. In early years (2006 and 2007) only manual transmission Lianas were marketed, and as I remember, eminent version (auto Tx) was first launched in 2008 by Suzuki Pakistan. I’d recommend later models of eminent instead of 2005 japanese because of aging factors. For your other questions like technical sport and parts availability, go thru my following blog, it will help you to make decision:
      Must Read Before Searching ‘Suzuki Liana for Sale’

  8. Hassan

    Hey im interested in buying this car could u plz guide me a little im an amateur in this field,which suzuki liana is best in terms of mileage and reliability?
    Appreciate your work!!

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      For better mileage, manual transmission vehicles are considered better. But for comfortable drive auto transmissions have the edge. Moreover, LXI and Eminent variants have added features like ABS and cosmetic addons.
      As long as the engine are same, these factors may be considered as per your own choice.
      Thanks for the appreciation too.

  9. Qasim

    AOA – I am looking for 2008 – 9 LXI in mint ( or atleast v good) condition. My number is 03078883742. In case there is some seller, please contact.

    Qasim Bhatti

  10. Ghufran Ghauri

    Great work
    I really liked it. Your articles helped me a lot in making my mind to buy Liana. I’m interested in the eminent auto.
    Could there be installed cng in it?
    What is its feasibility?


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