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Suzuki Liana

Are you confused whether to buy Suzuki Liana or not? I was also in the same situation when I was planning to buy Suzuki Liana back in 2010. So i decided to write this article for reader before they google for “Suzuki Liana for Sale”. Here is the Suzuki Liana review for buying. I’ve already shared my buying experience in one of my previous posts. This article is based on my own personal experience and honest opinion, yet anyone may disagree with me.

Mixed reviews on Suzuki Liana confuse the interested buyers  whether go for it or not. Some questions keep bothering them for decision making. I, therefore, decided to list down some tips and tricks which will help buyers in making the right decision. Please remember these tips are primarily for those who are planning to buy a used Liana. I’ll not get into general discussion for buying a used car, instead shall stick to Liana only. Tips are as follows:-

Purpose of buying

Market value and Resale options

Most critical thing to see while buying

Maintenance cost

Engine (M13a, M16a)

Spares prices & Availability

Fuel Consumption

Factory-Fitted CNG



Purpose of buying Suzuki Liana

Firstly be very clear about your purpose of buying Suzuki Liana? Is it for personal use or for business purposes? If you are planning for business then rest assured Suzuki Liana is not the car for you. Not at least in Pakistani market.
It is you who have to decide whether you want a comfortable drive or a resale value. If you want comfortable drive, go for Liana else buy Mehran or Cultus. Drive of Suzuki Liana is way more comfortable and smooth in comparison to other cars of same price range.

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Market value and Resale options

No doubt the resale of Suzuki Liana resale is not very quick in Pakistan. One can’t sell Suzuki Liana in a day. I, however, believe in 5% formula, let me explain you what this formula is…. for example, lets assume, an average market price of a used Suzuki Liana is Rs.700k, 5% of it makes Rs.35k. So in my opinion as a personal car user, while buying any of the car that suits your needs in all respects other than the price, then there is no harm in buying even 5% expensive (ie Rs.735k). Similarly, if you want to sell it fast, there is no harm in lowering your demand by 5% (Rs.665k). This 5% formula makes the sale purchase quick and is generally applicable to out-of-market cars.

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Most critical thing to see while buying Suzuki Liana

Though equally true for all newer cars and Suzuki Liana, never buy a car with tempered engine/sensors wiring. Most modern cars are Electronically controlled through various sensors and Electronic Control Units (ECU). Hence, tempered wiring becomes the prime reason for modern cars’ erratic performance.

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Suzuki Liana Maintenance cost

Talking of the maintenance cost of Liana. In my seven years of experience till date, I’ve not observed any extraordinary maintenance requirement or expenses. Like all other cars, one can conveniently find a reasonable mechanic for Suzuki Liana to work on body and suspension. But yes for engine work, especially the Electronic components, one should only go to a qualified technician with good repute. Alhumdulillah, during all these times I never needed any extensive engine maintenance. Only the routine oil, filter changes and was good to go.

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Suzuki Liana Engine (M13a, M16a)

It would be encouraging for the readers to know that Liana’s engine maintenance is not an issue anymore. Because Suzuki company has installed same engine (M13a) in Suzuki Jimny Jeep and in new Suzuki Swift model. This clearly shows that Suzuki Liana’s engine is outstanding in performance and fuel economy that’s why same engine has been selected for newer models. Moreover, due to variety of cars with same engine, now there are lots of trained engine mechanics available in the market for Liana.

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Suzuki Liana Spares prices & Availability

The spare parts of all newer cars, or i must say “electronic-intense” cars, are relatively expensive. The problem arises when we start comparing prices of Liana spares with Mehran, Cultus or Margalla etc.
If we talk of Liana parts prices, yes the ‘Genuine’ spares are relatively expensive. But then these genuine parts also last long and are more reliable. A work around solution, which I follow is that I buy spares of China brands (with warranty) from open market. These branded spares are easily available in market and I’ve personally experienced them to be equally good in performance, yet are much cheaper than the Genuine ones. Dear readers, rest assured your Liana will not stay in a workshop for non-availability of spares, all spares in multiple varieties are readily available in market, so don’t worry about availability, yes! the quality choice is yours as per your pocket size.

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Suzuki Liana Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption of Liana is quite good and is equally comparable with Honda City of same year. Good engine performance is one of the prime reasons for selecting the same engine in latest Suzuki Swift model by the company. As per my experience Liana is not at all heavy on pocket as far as the fuel consumption is concerned. Actually fuel consumption depends on lots of factors such as, engine condition, tuning, quality of fuel, driving environment, driving style (accelerator pressing) etc etc. Just to share my personal experience, my Suzuki Liana LXI 2006 with approx 100,000 kms on the clock, gives me approx 10-12 km/ltr within the city with Air Cond ON all the time.

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Suzuki Liana Factory-Fitted CNG (Landi-Renzo Omegas)

Regarding factory fitted CNG (Landi Renzo Omegas), I have observed number of dissatisfied users, but I humbly don’t agree with them. Factory fitted CNG is a state-of-the-art electronically controlled technology. I’ve had an excellent experience with factory fitted CNG. Especially if tuned well, one can hardly make out if the car is on petrol or CNG. The Gas electronic control is programmed in a way that it gives equal performance on CNG and petrol at a specific setting. There could be multiple reasons of bad CNG performance. In my opinion primary reason could be the tempered wiring. But as far as the Kit itself is concerned, it is excellent.

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And lastly “DON’T BE AFRAID” and go for Suzuki Liana, you’ll enjoy its drive, in-sha-Allah.

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83 comments on “Must Read Before Searching “Suzuki Liana for Sale””

  1. Naveed khan

    Just seen adds at olx found few sellers have changed engines. What’s causes of this and should we go for this option or not. Suggestion please

  2. Wajid


    Nice review and to the point! I really appriciate your experiance. I am a Liana owner. Car is no doubt very good but I am facing fuel consumption issue in it.

  3. Syed sher

    Brother your article is very informative and helped me alot.. I have plane to buy liana 2008 but was confused due to public opinions about liana.. today im going to finalize to buy liana in sha Allah. Thanks

  4. M. Waqas

    Could anyone please tell me from where can I get my CNG activated in Liana 2006 in Lahore as the previous owner disconnected it and CNG mechanics are not learned for Landi Renzo Omega
    Thnx and Rgds

  5. Osama


    Just need some information regarding fuel consumption of 1.6 eminent 2010 as I am planning to buy this car for my personal daily use. Need your suggestions and opinion about this particular model.

    Your blog was so helpful for me, thank you so much for taking out time and writing such information about car.

    Best Regards,

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Thanks for the appreciation bro. Generally speaking engine is quite fuel efficient, as per my observation following MPGs are reported:
      1. Highway Commute : 13-15 Km/l
      2. Light City traffic : 10-12 Km/l
      3. Heavy City traffic : 8-10 Km/l
      Other Liana owners may also share their experiance….

  6. Muhammad Zeeshan

    Dear Admin,
    I am impressed with high positive remarks from Liana user. I am looking for City Auto Transmission but after visiting your website, totally changing my mind. Can you please advise me for Liana 12 or 13 for home use?? I will appreciate your support. Best Regards,

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Bro, tempered wiring means cut and repaired by local electricians. They are just good for making the fault go either by cutting wires here and there or installing lots of relays etc. Tape-wraps show repairs on wires. Get help from some good electrician, he will tell you whether the wiring has been tempered or in good condition.

  7. Adil

    My cng ecu is corrupt i want to but second hand ecu..can u plz tll me whre we can buy this ecu and how much cost….?2econd can it repairable..i asked different mechanics they told me it can’t be fixed…..they told me to change the cng kit a big one landrenzo kit…..what u suggest…

  8. Rameez Temuri

    How to check if the wires or engine etc is tempered before buying the car?
    Can a mechanic tell just by looking?

  9. Tauqeer

    Thanks for your valuable input, I am just going for Liana 2013 ,apparently in good condition I don’t know how to negotiate price, give some tips

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Although its a bit tricky thing to negotiate, but as a buyer you always have to highlight the negatives of the car for Liana you can always talk about market value, resale price, shape, spares price etc

  10. Waqas Ali

    Assalam O Alaikum .. what is the price difference b/w RXI and LXI and which is more better to purchase in home use ..

  11. Noor

    Assalam O Alikum
    lot of thanks bhai, last 5 day’s i was looking liana with confuse mind, great article thanks a lot,

  12. Mirza Khurram Baig

    Amazing article. Very informative. I have been thinking about buying a Liana for home use. My use is very limited. It will never be more than 150 km in a week. But I want to buy automatic. I prefer automatics (although I can drive manual just fine) and I prefer automatic because it is non-cng (have never owned a car with cng). Is the Liana auto gear reliable? Thank you.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Thanks bro for the appreciation. Prayers needed.
      Suzuki Liana with auto transmission is ‘Eminent’ variant. As per my knowledge, no reported issues with its transmission so considered quite reliable. For further inputs you may initiate a forum topic so that community may also give their valuable feedback on your query.

  13. Saad

    Salam sir . I have liana 2006 m facing suspension problem some time one thing is broken and some time other one regarding suspension . M too much upset with this situation plz guide

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum assalaam bro, i would recommend that instead for getting repairs in parts, you should replace all the rubber parts such as bush and and kits once for all. In my opinion it will cost Rs 5000 to 7000, but will give you peace of mind for quite some time.

  14. Adnan Qadir

    I have suzuki liana very right or left turn its suspention makes noise like “kurrrr…kurrrr”…I checked it and found play in its excel..its previous owner let its suspention rectified and replaced its “goddey” bit after one month same noise is back…plz suggest me its remedee ..and estimated cost

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Bro this noise is of axles (goddey), the problem is that now a days very low quality Chinese-made axle kits are available in market which even start producing noise from very first turn. If you ask the mech he’ll say i’m just installing and no warranty of axles. There are also axle kits available with 3 or 6 months warrenty, i’d recommend to go for those brands. Such brands generally cost PKR 4k-5k for a set. I’d also recommend that while turning avoid excessive acceleration as the after market axles needs to be used a bit carefully.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Recommended engine oil grades for Suzuki Liana are SE, SF, SG, SH or SJ, you find these grades written on the oil packs. For Pakistan where temperatures usually remain above 0 deg celcius and goes up to 45/50 deg Celsius, hence the recommended viscosity is 20W-50 from any brand, but I personally prefer Zic and Caltex brands

  15. Adnan

    Sir,I have liana ..I have seen many liana with cracked dashboard…is this problems happens only with liana ..and what will be its treatment???

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Yes bro, cracking of dashboard is a design issue where the company has used a substandard material. Indeed there is no particular remedy to this problem except that to put a dashboard cover as advertised at the lower part of this website, our some people have also got it leather coated from local dashboard experts. My following blog mentions the top five issues of Suzuki Liana:

  16. Alan zeb

    Thank you brother you ‘ve don a very difficult work but give us easy way to new interested people Sir I am not in the knowledge that what is the difference between the LXI and RXI

  17. Faiz Khan

    Bro is it fine to buy a Liana having a changed engine (Liana Engine)? There are multiple cars in the market with not the original company fitted engine but having changed engine. Can you please suggest?

    • Faiz Khan

      Sure bro!
      One more thing! Should the price be lowered down because of the engine change or it does not effect the price at all? And if so, then around approximately what percentage of purchasing amount should be deducted in the name of engine change? Sorry for bothering you this much

      • Suzuki Liana Pk

        Bro, buyers aim is to drag down the price as much as possible, and it depends on buyers’ negotiating skills. Though there is technically no problem in changing engine but of course you can make it a negative point as far as the genuinety of the car is concerned. In my opinion 2-3% reduction in price would be a win situation for you….

  18. Fazal wahab

    Assalamo alkum ,bro I read u r experience artical regarding Liana ,on of the seller show the he changed some. Parts of engine with xli is it possible. Moreover, he demand 520000/for 2006 model Lahore regester no.
    Can u maintain a good mechanic for engine. Islamadad,r pindi attack etc
    Thanks to for u r efforts. salam

  19. Syed Matloob Muzammil

    i was confused to buy Suzuki Liana before reading your article for liana features .Butt brother i am still little confused about its petrol average. My office friend has his own liana and he advised me to avoid Liana,because its petrol average is 10-12 km/ltr on long route and in city it gives only 8-9 km/ltr .So what should i do? I really like Liana shape and features.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Brother, fuel average depends on many factors most importantly the engine condition, Foot manipulation, quality of fuel and traffic conditions etc etc. Generally the fuel averages mentioned by your friend is close, but in long route mostly averages are around 15 km/l, which is considered good averages for a 1300cc cars

  20. Naveed Hasan

    Very informative and helpful and good to see the blogger completely involved and attending all the comments. Seeing the specs tells me that one should go for LXI rather than RXI. Much appreciated 🙂

  21. Muzamel yasin Khan

    Slam Sir, i want to buy Liana should I go for Japanese or Pak model, and should I buy 1.3 or 1.6 version? Moreover, which model has been best among all. Thx in advance.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum assalaam, I’d recommend Pak models because japanees models are now getting aged (most models available in market are 2005). In my opinion best option could be Eminent 1.6 version, 2009 or later

  22. Arslan Shahid

    Brother I want to purchase a liana 2006-2008 model. Only fear I have right now is availability of mechanics. Especially in remote areas. People say that generally mechanics are not willing to repair liana (engine work) as it takes more time. [these are commnets from a liana owner].
    Please guide me in this regard. Should I buy liana or not.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      At the time of launch of this model back in 2006-7, there used to be much fear about Suzuki Liana and its maintenance. But now maintenance of Liana its not an issue.
      Secondly, engine or mechanical work is almost the same as that of any other newer EFI cars, but Of course, electronics work may not be possible in remote areas where there are no learned technicians or specialist testers available. But at the same time, the problems with electronics is very rare if the the car is maintained well from day one and there are no alterations or wiring repairs.

  23. shoaib

    thank you so much for such a valuable information, i was totally confused but after reading your article now 200% decided to buy liana …. thanks a lot….

  24. faisal

    Salam. Sir, I want to buy a used Liana 2008 RXI/LXI model in RWP/ISD. Can you quote a fair price of a good car having low mileage like 90-120k and prices for average and poor prices. I will be very thankful to you.

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum assalaam faisal sb, well it’s very difficult to estimate price of an unseen condition. But for estimation in my opinion following are the price ranges of a second hand Suzuki Liana:
      2006-07 : PKR 5.5 to 6.5 lacs
      2008-09 : PKR 6.5 to 8.0 lacs

      LXI versions are approx more by Rs 25k to 50k, similarly Islamabad number is again a bit more in price.

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