Why Did I Buy Suzuki Liana …..

Suzuki Liana LXI

Suzuki Liana LXI

Question is often asked from Suzuki Liana owners as to why did they buy Liana? Indeed, the interested buyers want a peace of mind before consuming their money for a so-called “out-of-market” car. Suzuki Liana often remains under consideration for buyer with a medium budget ranging from approx Rs 700k to 1.0 Million. This article will facilitate them in making decision FOR or AGAINST Suzuki Liana. Now i’ll tell you “Why Did I Buy Suzuki Liana” and will briefly narrate my personal experience on how and why did i buy Suzuki Liana.

What should i buy???

First view of Suzuki Liana…

Opinion Building about Suzuki Liana

Final Decision

What should i buy???

After selling my Suzuki Cultus in 2010, I wanted to upgrade my ride to sedan category with least money add-on. “What should I buy” was a big ‘?’ in my mind. Should I go for Honda City, Civic, Lancer or Suzuki Liana? I decided to go for Honda City or Civic within the price range of around Rs 800k. But regardless of car-hunt on internet, showrooms and ‘Car Sunday Bazaars’, I was unable to find a suitable Honda. Although, many cars fell in my budget, but then the conditions of the cars were way too bad compared to the demanded prices.

Like every Sunday, I and my cousin started our car hunt and reached Car Sunday bazaar. While searching for my desired make and model, we saw a Suzuki Liana parked for sale apparently in a good condition. My cousin said, “why not to have a look on this Liana?” I said, “Why to waste time? I’m not interested in Suzuki Liana, as I’ve heard about lots of problems with Liana…”. By then, I never had an experience of Liana ride and was totally occupied with rumors about the car. Anyways, on my cousin’s insistence we had a look on Liana for the first time.

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11 comments on “Why Did I Buy Suzuki Liana …..”

  1. Hamza

    I’m researching about Liana for the last couple of months. Finally, I decided to stay away from 2006/07 models. I will go for 2009 Liana. I want to ask if you can recommend any good mechanic and technician for Liana in Karachi, Just for the pre-buy check. I was thinking about Pak Wheel car sure inspection but I believe the recommendation of any Liana owner will be more helpful and trustworthy.



    Assalam Alaikum Brother,
    I am planning to buy a Suzuki Cultus 2014 model in price range of 900k but also thinking why shouldn’t go for a luxury car. I rode Liana once with Careem and found it very comfortable . Now if I tilt towards Liana then which model should I buy and from where??? How can I assure that car’s electronic wiring is intact or damaged?? Should i go to Suzuki Authorised Used Car??? Kindly guide me .. Thanks

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Wa alaikum assalaam Mohsin sb, I’d recommend at least 2009 model or later, as the aging and mileage do effect the performance. For wiring status take help from any good auto electrician, he can easily identify the tempering. Best of luck

  3. Hamza

    Salam, bro, Are you driving it completely on patrol for 7 years? or you occasionally or regularly driving it on CNG as well? I am keen to know about “Peace of Mind” factor while driving Liana on CNG.


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