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Suzuki Liana’s prominent Engine related problems

Suzuki Liana’s prominent Engine related problems

Members are invited to comment on Suzuki Liana’s engine performance and highlight chronic issues they faced in engine and how those issues were resolved…..

Had this problem on my LXI CNG where my car wouldn't start or cranked too long to start. Took it to Suzuki workshop they couldn't find out what caused the problem but they installed 10A fuse on the black wire (positive i guess?) coming from battery. After a week or may be two problem came back so I took the car back to the workshop, electrician replaced that fuse and it hasn't bothered me since.


has your car's wiring ever been tempered by any local mechanic?

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No never
sorry for late response


My car Liana's missing started after I went to car wash (2 weeks ago), I didn't let him wash the engine. He sprayed water under the car and used air compressor on engine.
- went to the mechanic who said that an injector grip was loose due to heavy air pressure (the grip had the lock broken), Anyway, he pushed the grip and said that the problem was over. but the missing didn't go away
- I suspected the coils so I wrapped insulation tape over the coils and did a test drive, car ran fine. I thought the issue was solved but it came back on the next drive
- normally car runs fine for around 10 mins and then may start showing missing
- even then if I slow down, it stops missing on 1st / 2nd gear at slow speed
- and even the car starts running fine at high RPMs at times (specially when I go to get it checked from mechanic)
So currently the missing is random.
Any advice, any checklist would be of great help.


when did you last get the throttle body cleaned? Also let us know whether you are facing this issue on Petrol or CNG (if installed)?

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changed the TB around 6 months ago (there was some issue with RPM around 2000 on idle and some surge was there at constant speed, main suspect was TPS). Bought TB from a friend who said it was from a half cut (didn't clean it after installation). The issues were gone after that.

Bought the car 2.5 yrs ago (it didn't have CNG at that time, although there were signs that the car was at CNG at some time, i.e. hole in the trunk

Anyway, can you pinpoint or provide some checklist or can recommend some mechanic who may troubleshoot the issue?

I was planning to wrap insulation tape on coils to find if the issue is still there or not. A friend of mine said the Fuel filter can be the cause. FF is something I also suspect as I couldn't get the fuel added to car this time till it was near end

Any possibility of catalytic converter causing this issue?

If you suspect the TB then should I clean it first?

It would be great if you could provide answers inline.

Thanks a lot for your precious time


Hopefully you must have gone through the following blog in blog section of this website, where engine missing and jerking issue has been discussed in detail.....

Suzuki Liana Missing, Jerking & Engine Power (Pick) Problem

In addition to that i'd recommend following simple checks that you can do it yourself as well if you have the requisite tools...

1. Cleaning of Throttle body and MAP sensor (Manifold Air Pressure sensor)

2. Cleaning of EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation valve)

3. Cleaning of Lambda (O2) Sensor

4. In my opinion wrapping of insulation tape on ignition coil wouldn't be enough. Also try to fix the spring inside the coils which becomes loose or off-seat, causing voltage drop during acceleration or at high engine RPMs. It would be better to take it to some good technician for this job, as its a bit tricky thing to do.....

5. Fuel starvation at high RPMs could also be a reason, either because of Fuel filter or any air contamination....

Let us know the update.....

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Assalam O Alaikum,

About the previous post about missing, the issue was with the injector grip, I went to Sargodha after changing the grip and everything seemed fine. Next week I went to Lahore and car started some missing on the Motorway, after around 40 mins drive) Things seemed good on my way back.

Anyway, now there are 2 issues, car idle seems fine after start, runs a bit slow on 1st / 2nd gear. stalls or the rpm dip down to low (400) when running on highway and need to slow down in neutral (to shift to 1st / 2nd gear), Second issue was random missing at 3rd, 4th gear at (2000 - 3000 , this seemed to get better after adding hi-octane but I am not 100% sure)

- cleaned the TB a week ago

- sprayed the cleaner on almost all the grips to remove the carbon deposits

both issues were still there, went to mechanic who said that gas pressure in the petrol tank is more, asked me to run the car with a slightly loose tank cap. also asked me to add high octane. Added the high octane, car ran fine this morning. hope things get better

Now the last thing, do you have a workshop? wanted to learn a lot of things from you. Quite fed up with the minor issues and mechanics' lack of interest in the trouble shooting. Let me know if there is any possibility of taking me in as your chota ... 🙂

firstly sorry for the late reply, as some how the post missed out by me.....

Hopefully things are better on your Liana since your last post.

Moreover bro i'm not a professional nor i've any workshop.....i'm just a DIYer. Being 'chota' (hahahaha) is a good gesture but bro this forum is for collective wisdom and experience sharing by all members, i'm also a learner but of course where ever i can help, it would be my pleasure....

By the way which city you are from?

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