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Suzuki Liana Mileage and Fuel Consumption

Suzuki Liana Mileage and Fuel Consumption

Dear members, as we all know that fuel consumption of any car depends on many factors that includes, quality of fuel, driving style, driving conditions, Air Cond usage, engine tune-up state and mileage of the car on odometer etc. But out of all these factors, generally mileage is the only factor considered by people to estimate the condition of engine, which further corresponds to the fuel consumption per liter.

Members are requested to share their cars’ odometer reading and corresponding fuel consumption per liter, so that readers may get an idea of Suzuki Liana’s engine performance (i.e average fuel consumption of Suzuki Liana)

I am using Liana-2007 since May 2008. Total running is 220,000 kms. I am getting an average mileage in excess of 12 km/Lit (with AC) within city and in excess of 15 km (with AC) on intercity travel. Point to note is I drive in the range of 80-100 km/hour speed.

Over the past 10 years, I haven't had any problem. Apart from routine replacement of oil, filters, brake pads/discs, Gear Oil, Plugs and Radiator Flushing at required intervals, other repairs include:-

  • Replacement of ignition coils at 113,000 km (got short due to engine wash).
  • Replacement of AC and Fan Belts (140,000 km)
  • Replacement of Steering /Brake Oil and O2 Sensor (150,000 km)
  • Replacement of  Clutch, Pressure Plate and Clutch Release Bearing (163,000 km)

The engine runs smoothly despite having done 220,000 km, I have never faced engine misfiring problem (except once due to short ignition coils which were replaced). I am still using original AC (no gas recharging ever) which performs satisfactorily (gives about 75% result). I always  get engine tuning from Suzuki Workshop.

Ma-sha-Allah @amer, caring your drive will always pay you back.......

Satisfied owner of Suzuki Liana at 220,000 KM speaks high of ones good and timely maintenance. Stay blessed

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