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Suzuki Liana Engine pick problem

Dear experts, for some time now my suzuki liana LXI 2006 is experiencing engine pick issue. Recently the problem has further aggravated. Please guide me in right direction for solving this problem.....

There could be multiple reasons of deteriorating engine pick, detailed article can be seen here, some checks are as follows:-

1. If the engine condition has deteriorated that means if the rings or pistons are not generating enough compression then the engine pick will be less. Engine condition can be verified through compression test.

2. If the engine tappets are not adjusted properly that will result in hard engine rotation and will result in less pick.

3. If correct oil grade is not used as per the atmospheric temperatures that will also hamper the engine pick.

4. Poor fuel adjustment or poor mixture settings may also count for reduced pick of engine.

5. Dirty throttle body also results in bad engine performance.

6. Blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Regulator) will result in poor engine pick.

7. Weak engine coils or old HT leads may also result in poor initial pick especially when moving from stop position in first gear.

8. Blocked Catalytic convertor installed in exhaust pipe if engine.

9. Poor performance of O2 sensor due to carbon deposits may also contribute towards poor engine pick.

10. Engine pick will also be effected if the engine is running hot due to poor engine cooling system, thermostat valve or blocked Radiator.

hope this will help....

Dear al

can anybody let me know that when we fully press the accelerator pedal at that time what should be the throttle position at scanner display ..?

i am using SZ VIEWER to check/see engine parameters..

Dear Arshad, though i've not used SZ Viewer, but let me tell you that TPS voltage varies from 0-5V from unpressed to fully pressed position of throttle. Some analyzers show TPS reading in Volts and some in %age of open position. So if SZ Viewer show voltage then at fully pressed position the reading should be 5V (anything above 4.75V is considered normal). Hope this will help in your diagnostics.

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