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Engine stalling at 2000 rpm

Hello! Have an engine problem with a Liana 2006 1.6 4WD. The engine starts very well and when cold I can get 3000 rpm before the engine stalls. When hot the engine stalls at 2000 rpm and if I force it it dies complete. Have checked the ignition signal sensor, the coils, fuel and so forth, but noting helps. There is not any faulty code either and the check engine light is not on.

Sorry for bad English because it is not my mother language...

Will really be happy if any one could give me some ideas

Mr Oystein, firstly your english is good, I can understand the issue.

Secondly i'll ask you certain question before recommending you some remedies:-

1. Since when this issue appeared?

2. Do you previously also get the same 3000 RPMs when engine is cold? In my opinion 3000RPM is little higher than normal.

3. What is the engine model No? or if you can upload a pic of the engine.

Initial Remedy:  As a first step, please inspect vacuum lines of the engine, apparently the engine is stalling due to lean mixture, that means, additional air is mixing with the fuel to make it lean. When the engine is cold, ECM commands the fuel system to run at richer mixture, soon the temperature is attained the ECM commands the fuel system to reduce fuel, sooner the fuel is reduced the mixture becomes lean and stalls the engine.

Perform the initial remedy, if problem still exists we'll proceed further for troubleshooting.

Best of luck.

it's bad i had this problem like 6 months ago its throttle body you need to take care of it and check the fence aswell

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