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Is Liana is Good for Uber and Careem as compar to Cultus.


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I am going to purchase a car to drive with uber or careem. But can not decide which suzuki model is better for this purpose..Liana or Cultus plz Guide me


For Uber or Careem, two main factors are assessed for the car,

1. Fuel consumption and

2. Comfort level of passenger

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, regardless of cc difference, both cars have almost the same fuel consumption for city drive which is usually 10-12 Km/l. It is because though Liana has 1300cc engine yet it is a newer and more fuel efficient as compared to other 1300cc engines, and Cultus has 1000cc engine but a little older technology, overall fuel consumption effect wouldn't be much.

On the other hand, Liana has a far more comfortable and smooth drive as compared to Cultus. Liana also has more luggage carrying capacity for passengers. Liana's AirCon (AC) is far more effective than Cultus. Liana's suspension is more robust than Cultus hence relatively less problems will be faced when extensively used for cab services.