Top 5 Issues of Suzuki Liana

Suzuki Liana

Opinions and reviews about Suzuki Liana always remained controversial since its launch which affected the repute of the car in the market. I therefore decided to enlighten the readers about the factual Top 5 Issues of Suzuki Liana. Although I have also written a detailed review in one of my previous post which also gives a comprehensive insight of Suzuki Liana, yet I feel that readers would like to know the Top 5 Issues of Suzuki Liana.

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1. Poor Marketing by Company

Suzuki Pakistan played a very vital role in defaming its own car at the time of launch. It appeared as if the company itself was not ready to handle Suzuki Liana, which was equipped with the then state-of-the-art engine with excellent performance controlled by various sensors. Suzuki Pakistan was not ready in the following domains at the time of Suzuki Liana launch:-

Technicians’ Competence

The company technicians were not adequately trained to handle issues surfaced in newly launched Suzuki Liana.

Nonavailability of Testers

Suzuki Company did not have the required testers / equipment for fault code monitoring and tuning of the engine.

Nonavailability of CNG Kit Tuning Software

Suzuki Liana was launched with one of the best CNG Kit (Landirenzo Omegas) which required software-based adjustments / tuning, but at the time of launch, the company was not in possession of requisite software.

Poor Market Survey

Company failed to carryout market survey for identifying the right price value of the car, Suzuki Liana was launched at a price of PKR 1.3 million (approx $13000) which was considered expensive in comparison with its competitors i.e Honda City and Toyota Corolla.

2. Shape and Appearance

The Shape of Suzuki Liana always remained under criticism and considered to be ‘ugly’ world over. Suzuki Company have also tried to offer car facelift in some countries in order to give Suzuki Liana a new look, but the car failed to make its way through the competition.

3. Width to Height Ratio / Vision

Suzuki Liana’s width to height ratio is less which make the drive-ability a bit tricky during high speed turnings.

The driver’s front view is better due to seat height, however, the rear view is not good due to two reasons, which are:-

  1. Low front and high back shape of Suzuki Liana
  2. Rear view is restricted by backseat head-rests (SRS)

4. Expensive Spares and Repairs

Inexpensive spares and cheap repairs are the hallmark of Suzuki brand. However in case of Suzuki Liana the statement failed to qualify. Firstly, the car was launched at a relatively higher price which further complemented with expensive spares and repairs. This equation lead to the lack of interest of customers in Suzuki Liana. Moreover, like Suzuki company’s technicians, the local technicians were also not prepared to undertake repair of Suzuki Liana which ultimately resulted in an overall “bad’ view of the car.

5. Quality of Materials

After years of car usage, it has been observed that the quality of materials used for the interior of the car is not of good standard. Following issues have been reported in most of Suzuki Liana after 2 to 3 years of usage:-

  1. Cracks appear on dashboard.
  2. Ceiling cloth often gets separated due to low quality of glue used for pasting.
  3. Plastic furnishing panel of pillars often gets off-seated and needed to be re-clipped.
  4. Weather effects (fogging) start to appear on Headlights and back-lights usually after 5 years.
  5. In some cases rain water seeped inside the cabin and trunk due to improper sealing (rare cases).

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