Suzuki Liana Maintenance Checklist – What to Do? When to Do?

Maintaining automobiles as per the recommendations of the manufacturer is the only key for an extended, useful and trouble free life of a car. Suzuki Liana is an excellent car which has an ability to absorb variation to manufacturer’s maintenance schedule however, if the malpractice of disregarding mandatory checks continues, then the useful life of Suzuki Liana will be reduced considerably. In this article Suzuki Liana Maintenance Checklist – What to do? When to do?  is discussed to make owners aware about the tips for trouble-free drive of Suzuki Liana. Maintenance checks are categorized on the basis of odometer readings as well as the calendar periodicity. Out of the two periodicities, the best practice is to follow “whichever occurs first”, in this way Suzuki Liana will perform flawlessly and without trouble for extended times.

Lets get back to the topic….

Driving Conditions

Suzuki Liana is being used in various continents with varying environmental and atmospheric conditions. In order to keep Suzuki Liana free of problems preventive maintenance schedule is categorized into two driving conditions which are discussed below:-

Normal Driving Conditions

Following driving conditions are considered ‘Normal’ and maintenance checks categorized under this category is segregated for each mileage periodicity:-

  • Driving on smooth and paved roads
  • Driving in moderate atmospheric conditions where temperature varies between 10-35 Deg Celsius, and the humidity remains below 50%
  • Less dusty or polluted environment
  • Medium to long trips
  • Use of un-leaded fuel
  • Level terrain with no trailer towing

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7 comments on “Suzuki Liana Maintenance Checklist – What to Do? When to Do?”

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      I’ll not recommend any brand names, but the specifications are as follows:
      The recommended engine oil grades SE, SF, SG, SH or SJ. For Pakistan environment 15W-50 is suitable. The capacity oil engine oil is 4.1 liters.

      The recommended gear oil specification for Suzuki Liana (manual transmission) is “API GL-4 75W-90 gear oil”. The gear oil capacity is 2 liters for manual transmission.

  1. Aftab Khan

    I’m from Karachi Pakistan
    I want to buy a saddan car for family but can’t afford costly car like hona city or Toyota Corolla so I decided to buy Suzuki Liana it is affordable but now I read on this site and also some people’s told about Liana so now I’m bit confused kindly advise me

  2. Waqas iqbal

    I have a Liana 1.6, japanese,it is missing with CEL when accelerated or at 2500 + RPM at times, this is not a constant thing

    – this missing started after I went to car wash (2 weeks ago), I didn’t let him wash the engine. He sprayed water under the car and used air compressor on engine.
    – went to the mechanic who said that an injector grip was loose due to heavy air pressure (the grip had the lock broken), Anyway, he pushed the grip and said that the problem was over. but the missing didn’t go away
    – I suspected the coils so I wrapped insulation tape over the coils and did a test drive, car ran fine. I thought the issue was solved but it came back on the next drive
    – normally car runs fine for around 10 mins and then may start showing missing
    – even then if I slow down, it stops missing on 1st / 2nd gear at slow speed
    – and even the car starts running fine at high RPMs at times (specially when I go to get it checked from mechanic)

    So currently the missing is random

    Any advice, any checklist would be of great help


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