Car Engine Sensors and their Symptoms of Failure

Engine Sensors

Suzuki Liana Engine Sensors

Engine sensors on almost all modern cars work on the same principle. In this blog ‘Sensors functions’ and ‘Symptoms of failure’ will remain equally applicable to all car-makes, however, locations of sensors is mentioned for Suzuki Liana engine (M13a) in particular. Nonetheless, the sensor locations on other cars are also at similar locations / components as mentioned in this article.

Suzuki Liana is a modern age car with relatively more electronics-intense engine system as compared to cars of its category and era (2001-07). Suzuki Liana is equipped with new generation M-series engine with model numbers of M13a and M16a for 1.3L and 1.6L, respectively. Engine specifications make Suzuki Liana a highly fuel efficient and smoother car to drive.

I’ve come in contact with many people, who are unaware of the sensing mechanisms of Suzuki Liana, hence get carried away in the hands of car mechanics. I therefore decided to write this blog to give an overview to readers about Sensors installed on Suzuki Liana engine. I’ll try to cover the ‘function’, ‘location’ and ‘failure symptom’ of each sensor.

Ok let’s discuss the Sensors one by one:-

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT)

Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)

Lambda Sensor / Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor)

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31 comments on “Car Engine Sensors and their Symptoms of Failure”

  1. Gull

    My liana’s Throttle body accelerator nob rod which connected to tiki of throttle body is leak. Seal is leak and thete is vaccum leak from that seal . do you know any solution to repair this leak ?

  2. Gull

    on throttle body of liana thre are 2 sensors on is tps sensor and what is the name of other sensor which also give race to ac when we turn on ac ? what is the name of second sensor ?

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      The other sensor on the throttle body is MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor). But MAP sensor has nothing to do with the operation of AC. ECM automatically senses the load and increase the RPMs accordingly.


      Dear gadi ki race wali soi 10 se forun 120 per chali chti hein kia masla hu sakta hu ur petrol ki soi be indication level low de kr oper chali jati hein ur check light be aa rahi hei car Liana 207 model LXI

      • Suzuki Liana Pk

        Sub se pehley check light ka code scan kerwain, race aur petrol indication ka masla electrician se check kerwain. Koi wire short ho sakti hai jis ki waja se indication ka problem aa raha hai. Ya phir dashboard ka circuit khraab ho sakta hai.

  3. Gull

    hi, your site is very informative. i want to register but there is problem in your website or server.first on registration your site says this user name already exists then change user name, then on 2nd or 3rd attempt it says this email address is already in use. then i close the reg page.
    tell me how my email address is in use of some one else. ??
    plz solve-your site problem.

  4. Rizwan

    I have a liana model 2010 I have changed CNG kit with advancer but problem is that when I switch to CNG the engine light blink and in 2nd gear the accelator goes down

  5. Abdul samad

    can any one tell me or refer me a best or good mechenic for my liana in which mechenic resolve the problem of jerking rpm up down problem and missing problem in ff cng. can any one refer me a machenic? plz sahre the location and contact no?

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  7. Adil

    Hello..i have suzuki liana….i have error of check light on and code is pd sensor.can u tll me plz what is pd sensor and where it will be located…..

  8. Moosa Hassan

    Dear Brother. Thank u for making such a great website. Much appreciated. I’ve selected an engine swapped liana (with original m13a liana engine), all sensors are new. I came across many liana’s, but most have issues, small and big alike. I hope with your and communities help my experience with liana is going to be alright.

    Please tell me Steering pump gives sound is steering is moved while car standing still. If this needs to be changed how much cost it gonna cost?

    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      Thanks for the appreciation bro, just remember in prayers.
      Regarding steering system, firstly I’d say that operating power steering in static position is not recommended, secondly there is always some noise when steering is operated which is just normal. If you think the noise is abnormal, first get it checked from a specialist sometimes after market hoses (pressure lines) often produce some extra noise due to smaller inner diameter of the pipes. Regarding cost of repair not very sure but should not exceed PKR 5k-7k.

  9. bilal hussain

    kindly tell that knock code sensor position on suzuki laina m13a engine with any picture and its work i have getting code on odb

  10. Advance Auto P

    In the countless years we have been in the used car parts Melbourne industry, we were given the opportunity to witness how the cars before have truly changed and improved into more efficient, more economical, and more intelligent vehicles than ever.

  11. Leonelle

    Thanks for your help. I’ve already replaced the MAP sensor. It seemed to help with my acceleration surging problems. However it didnt help with the rough idle. I still experience eventual cut outs when waiting on stop lights or traffic. I’ve had the engine airways cleaned and sparks changed. MY Mechanic insists on changing the engine coils but I have no trouble starting it up nor does then engine flash. I am at my wits end. I don’t know what else to look into. Hope you can help with this. Thanks.


    • Suzuki Liana Pk

      To me it appears as if voltage drops intermittently, I’d recommend following checks (step wise)….
      1. Check battery terminals for any salt deposits.
      2. Loose earthing connection with car body.
      3. Loose or contaminated Fuse/relay terminals in junction box under the hood.
      4. Clean ECU connector with contact cleaner spray.
      Also perform following actions….
      5. Hopefully filters (Air/Fuel) were replaced as per the frequency.
      6. Check free rotation of Idle Air Control (IAC) valve, installed on Throttle body.
      7. Cleaning of Exhaust Gas Regulator (EGR), EGR often gets clogged due to carbon deposits.
      All above checks do not require any replacements, just cleaning and inspection. If the problem persists then, i’d recommend resistance check of Spark Plug Leads and Ignition Coils prior to replacement of either of them.

      I’d also recommend starting a topic in forum so that i may shift this discussion there for the benefit of other readers

  12. Leonelle

    Thank you so much for this very informative blog. I have a Suzuki Liana 2001 1.6 engine and it already has accumulated over 180,000kms. I’m experiencing the jerking problems on idle and difficulty in acceleration. It displays all the symptoms that relates to the MAP Sensor. However, I have difficulty locating it. Would you mind sending me a specific diagram for this area, if you have one.

    Thank you.

    • Waqas Akram

      dear brother thanks for sharing very use full info to maintain car easy,
      dear i face issue with my liana 2010 when i start , it cant pick salf (mean not going to starting).
      after the gape of some time when i try again its start immediately with out any time delay..
      secondly when i switch on before going to start all indications shows normally on meter, battery indication also..

      so can you give me some checks about that issue with your experience to solve the issue,

      • Suzuki Liana Pk

        Bro, I’d appreciate if you start a topic in relevant forum, it will also benefit future readers.
        By the way doesn’t seems to be a big issue with your car, will suggest some measures in the forum. Moreover, other readers will also guide you with their valuable feedbacks.
        Hope you understand

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